DVD-R trolleyed after about a year

  Jonathan314159 22:18 11 Apr 04

A nightmare. Have happily transferred all my videos, incl wedding video, some old cine film, all sorts of stuff onto DVD-R over the last year.

Used a Pioneer A-04, tested the discs each time and they've been fine. Now, about a year later they don't work (some start fine then you get the picture breaking up, others won't read at all).

I've used a variety of blank discs, from Pioneer to Datawrite. A variety of DVD players for the playback - so I'm certain that the discs now have a problem. The discs have been kept in individual cases in the dark etc. (And one or two discs I have given to friends now have the same problem).

The only things I can think of which might give a problem are:
1) I write on the discs after I have recorded them using a general purpose black felt marker pen
2) I have printed up some pretty labels using an inkjet printer and stuck them onto the discs.

Maybe with one of these the ink or something else is causing a problem.

I can try avoiding both of these, but short of waiting a year can't easily short circuit this particular experiment.

Would be grateful for advice....

  Jonathan314159 23:31 11 Apr 04

I think I've answered my own problem. But will post the asnswer here as a warning to others. The DVDHelp site forum has a few threads talking about problems you get when sticking labels onto DVDs.

They don't quite know why, the problem doesnt seem to affect everyone, but it is certainly widespread. eg click here

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