DVD r or RW + or -

  rgtyfhr 05 Dec 11

Can someone help me can I get dvd r or rw plus or minus with acapacity bigger than 4.7 gb. if so where from I need 6 or 7 gb min thanks

  hastelloy 05 Dec 11

You need dual layer - make sure your DVD writer can handle them. If it can't new DVD writers aren't expensive. I always use Verbatim Dual layer discs

  eedcam 05 Dec 11

dvd shrinkYou cant unless you get a dual layer which is a bit dearer. If this is for video you could compress with dvd shrink which is free with little or no noticeable loss in quality

  rgtyfhr 05 Dec 11

I am transferring film on tape to DVD will shrink help me in this situation if so, how?

  eedcam 05 Dec 11

Ok the film on tape are you using a combi Tape/dvd recorder or just tape to dvd recorder and not to PC first? If so shrink cant help. You would need to use dual layer discs or choose a lower quality on the dvd recorder settings. Or put it on a couple of standard dvd RW's then you can use the pc and combine to one dvd using shrink. Shrink would make a better job of compressing than your recorder as it will only compress by the amount neede as opposed to most recorders which have afixed compression ( some do have a variable) even if you were a few minutes over the standard 2hours let us know the method and we'll see what can be done


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