DVD-R or DVD+R ???

  JayDay 09:34 26 May 05

I'm purchasing a DVD writer which is multi-format. Simple question what is the best media to use DVD+R or DVD-R. What's the difference between the two? Does it matter which one I use? The drive I'm purchasing will burn both formats at 16X so does it matter which format I use?

  mattyc_92 09:39 26 May 05

Not really, just there are more DVD Players/drives that can read DVD+R (plus they have faster burning rates for the price..... ;) )

  wotbus@ 10:00 26 May 05

Does matter a bit. If you intend to play any CD's you have produced on another player. The format of the other player must be taken into account IE If it only reads -R then it's no good producing a +R and expecting it to be read. Do a search for this subject as it comes up often. If you only wish to stock your data onto CD's then no, it doesnt matter.

  pauldonovan 10:01 26 May 05

I was under the impression DVD-R was more compatible.

It certainly is amongst my family and friends and backed-up by a quick search;

click here

(only a few percent in it).

I think the main thing is to get a multi-format writer and check with who you are burning for that they can read the format you have. If in doubt I use DVD-R.

I have the problem because my DVD-Recorder attached to my TV is DVD+R or DVD+RW which I always seem to need to transfer to -R to share with others!

  wotbus@ 10:01 26 May 05

Sorry, for CD's read DVD's and the price will probably dictate choice.

  mattyc_92 10:04 26 May 05

Quite right.... DVD-R is more compatiable, just got them the wrong way around


My previous post supposed to be about DVD-R being cheaper....

Sorry about any confusion it coursed anyone....

  JayDay 10:33 26 May 05

Thanks. Checked my DVD player and it is only compatible with DVD+R. So it seems that's that.

  anchor 13:13 26 May 05

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  TomJerry 13:29 26 May 05

some DVD writers (e.g. Liteone, LG, NEC etc) support "Booktype" setting for +R & +RW discs.

By setting it as "DVD-ROM", it then can be read by almost any reader and player.

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