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DVD problems after installing new nvidia driver

  SloJo 17:45 22 Feb 05

I recently bought FIFA 2005 and had screen problems with it which I solved by downloading the latest nvidia driver and then tweaking it - please see separate thread for details click here

A different problem I have had is that since updating to DirectX 9 (included with game) and downloading the new nvidia driver I cannot get DVDs to work.

WinDVD says that I have no decoder and Windows Media Player shuts itself down when I try to start a DVD. Both worked fine before.

Any suggestions much appreciated, but please keep advice in simple terms!

  hugh-265156 19:23 22 Feb 05

have you tried reinstalling windvd?

  SloJo 23:10 22 Feb 05


No, not yet. Thought I'd get some advice before doing anything.

Any ideas what to do about Windows Media Player?

  stalion 23:12 22 Feb 05

don't know what driver you are currently using but there is apparently a problem with the latest driver.Try rolling back to your previous one

  SloJo 23:31 22 Feb 05

My previous driver is some 3 years old and caused FIFA 2005 to crash, that's why I moved on to the latest driver which has solved the FIFA 2005 issue.

I suspect the problem is that my versions of the 2 DVD programs are also about 3 years old and may need updating to be compatible with the new nvidia driver.

Being no expert (to say the least!) I wanted some further input before doing anything...

  hugh-265156 23:39 22 Feb 05

windows media player will use whatever dvd codec you have installed to play the dvd. so thats why i was agreeing with Yoda Knight about reinstalling windvd. should not do any harm to try this in my opinion.

  SloJo 23:49 22 Feb 05

You lost me with the dvd codec stuff but if I understood correctly you are saying that reinstalling windvd may also get WMP working as well. Is that correct? Could reinstalling it have any negative effect on FIFA 2005 now that i've got it going?

  hugh-265156 23:56 22 Feb 05

codec = coder decoder or windvd in your case so yes i think its worth a try and if windvd works my guess is media player will also work too.

it should not affect your game at all. make a system restore point before doing anything if you wish, you can always restore back to this point before you made any changes if it doesnt work.

  SloJo 09:31 23 Feb 05

Thanks for the advice - I'll give it a go and let you know how I get on.

Can you see any reason why I should not also update media player to the latest version?

  SloJo 00:13 24 Feb 05

All sorted - many thanks

  hugh-265156 00:26 24 Feb 05

how did you fix the problem please?

will help others with the same problem.

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