DVD to Prints

  Spr 21:44 24 Sep 07

I have taken a film and put it onto a DVD is there anyway I can play it on my PC and take photos from it to print out.

I’m using Windows X P & Abode Photoshop Element 5.0

  Diodorus Siculus 21:56 24 Sep 07

If you have a DVD player on the PC it will likely have a screen capture option.

Do you have something like powerDVD?If not, try RealAlternative google will find it - it has a basic but good DVD player.

Another option is to look at VLC - again google it.

  hastelloy 07:26 25 Sep 07

has a video capture facility.

  hastelloy 07:27 25 Sep 07

It's File, Import, Frame from video

  €dstowe 10:26 25 Sep 07

Don't expect exhibition quality!

Individual frames from video are likely to be poor or very poor definition, especially if there is movement in the scene.

It is only the effect of seeing frames in quick succession on screen that makes them appear reasonable or good.

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