DVD plays on player but not in computer

  GuZ><0r 19:24 28 Oct 05

Basically as it says bove. Would this be a problem with the drive or the disc. Tried it on two drive whcih both work.

  john-232317 20:28 28 Oct 05

Have you got dvd playing software installed ?

  kenamb 20:30 28 Oct 05

Try downloading Jetaudio , its free and plays audio and dvd very well.

  jack 22:28 28 Oct 05

The PC will need player software in addition to the drive as stated- Usually drives, whether supplied with the PC or purchased and added should come with a disc such as Power DVD. Are you sure you dont have it in the disk bundle that came with the machine/drive?

  Dipso 23:57 28 Oct 05

Don't take this the wrong way, I have just been sold what was supposed to be a DVD/CD writer combo and turned out to be CD writer only.

  GuZ><0r 00:11 29 Oct 05

Sorry I didn't make my self clear. When I put the DVD in the drive which are both DVD, nothing comes up and when I click the drive icon the explorer window freezes.

  john-232317 18:27 30 Oct 05

When you put the dvd in, it should automatically start up your software. Why are you in windows explorer ?

  jack 08:25 01 Nov 05

We are I assume talking about 'commercial' DVD's?
A PC need DVD player software in addition to the drives
Usually when DVD players are fitted or sold to self fit the software such as PowerDVD comes supplied with the unit..
Are we/you missing something?

  dazza39 09:50 01 Nov 05

I have posted something similar on another thread with regards not being able to play mpegs,and DVD's without computer freezing,i even installed a brand new DVD drive and it still dosen't work???,also went to the extremme of a complete format and clean install of XP Home and still no joy,i'm out of ideas now other than taking into a PC clinic and let them have a look,its so frustrating when everything else works apart from this,there must be a conflict somewhere but i can't find it.

  ACOLYTE 11:43 01 Nov 05

It may be the video drivers,some newer drivers wont play comercial dvd's for copyprotect reasons
or if they detect virtual drives or other software that could be used or it could be software built into the dvd,i had the same problem with a pc game it wouldnt play at all while i had a virtual drive installed,as soon as i took it off worked first time.

  dazza39 11:51 01 Nov 05

Don't seem to have a virtual drive installed??i also have problems with PC DVD discs as well,all my drivers are up to date?.

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