DVD players that will and those that wont!

  jack 12:19 26 Oct 05

Over the years PC burned discs have encountered difficulty with some Domestic DVD player with recognition. The reasons are many- from not being 'closed 'to the player firmwiare not being fully compatable. But modern playets should be able to cope- Yes?
Well no actually- A coleque sends me disks from time to time that have been created on Pinnacle9- and they play very well on my cheap Philips from Asda.
They also play on my friends older player.
Lasy night when I called round he was sporting a new state of the art combo- though of a brand I had not heard of- 'Durabrand' - and guess what?
You guessed it it did not wnat to know the disc that the other players run.- Now why that? A faulty player-?As staed the dirc runs fine on other players.

  Stuartli 13:03 26 Oct 05

This is part of one Duraband review:

"I have replaced it with a Durabrand DVD-1000 dvd player from Asda at a cost of £25 and it plays any dvds/vcds I put in it."

Interestingly exactly the same thing was said about the £35 Pacific DVD player at Asda - it would play anything put in its tray diskwise.

  johnnyrocker 13:07 26 Oct 05

the pacific was/is one of the best all round play anything machines.


  jack 19:59 26 Oct 05

Thank you for the replies- I say my typos get worse my the minute- I must say to my self ten times before sending - read it before hitting the submit button - betcha I forget.

Stuartli would it be possible to locatethe link for the Durabrand review- it is possible the machine is a dud I guess - My mate does seem to be one of those that attract duff gear like a magnet this could be another example.

  Stuartli 22:53 26 Oct 05

Some Durabrand reviews on this page (scroll down):

click here

  Stuartli 22:54 26 Oct 05

Seems to be a portable/in-car DVD player specialist.

  jack 08:43 27 Oct 05

Thank you for the link Stuartli
Have passed it on to the'victim'

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