DVD Player will not play jpegs

  rawprawn 10:48 12 Aug 05

Sorry not really computer but I have bought a new DVD player (Linked to TV) It plays DVD's and it will play music copied to a CD from my computer, but it will not play jpegs copied from my computer to either CD, CDRW or DVD RW. If I put the CDRW in with jpegs on it, it makes an awful vibrating noise, and the others it just says disc error. The machine is equipped to play jpegs as a slide show or in singles.
I have been in touch with the suppliers and they are trying to help. Meantime, any ideas.

  Eric10 12:53 12 Aug 05

I'm not sure about this as it is something I have never done but my version of Nero ( seems to want me to record pictures in VCD or SVCD format. Have you tried that?

  rawprawn 13:39 12 Aug 05

Thanks for the reply, no I haven't seen that. I recorded the music from Media Player and Dragged and dropped the jpegs, so I didn't have that option.

  crx1600 15:12 12 Aug 05

"...and Dragged and dropped the jpegs"

as mentioned, you may need software such as Nero, and use the 'make slide show...' to VCD/SVCD/DVD option, rather than just drag & drop.

  rawprawn 15:40 12 Aug 05

OK, if I use Nero To make slide show... which do I choose DVD?

  rawprawn 15:41 12 Aug 05

Also will it make any difference if I copy to a DVDRW or a CDRW ?

  crx1600 15:48 12 Aug 05

the choice is yours, maybe try a few on a CD first (VCD)

rewritables are less compatible than write-once media,

you could look up your DVD player at click here to see if it has any issues with disc type/format.

  rawprawn 15:53 12 Aug 05

Thanks for your help, I will try it this evening and let you know how I get on.

  Stuartli 16:00 12 Aug 05

I use NeroBurningRom to create CD-R slideshows from .jpegs (using multisession allows the CD-R to be used until it is full).]

Most recent DVD players (my Kiss model is nearly three years old) will play such disks without problems.

Don't use CD-RW disks - their reflectivity level is very much lower than that of CD-Rs and many drives, whether home or computer type, often have problems reading them.

  rawprawn 16:10 12 Aug 05

Thanks for the tip

  rawprawn 17:02 12 Aug 05

Problem solved!!

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