DVD playback is slightly breaking sound/picture

  Exforces 18:22 24 Feb 03

NTL have said this:
It certainly sounds like a conflict on your PC. This can happen because there is a conflict with the IRQ's set in the BIOS. IRQ 9 is normally set to either sound or modem. Some motherboards have theirs set to the IRQ hence the conflict.

I use NTL broadband and not the modem. Can someone assist me?

  AndySD 18:39 24 Feb 03

Whay is your operating system?

  rct 18:46 24 Feb 03

Have you enabled DMA mode for your DVD-ROM drive?

  tolls-pete 16:40 04 Mar 03

Have you got the DVD drive as the master?

  AndySD 16:00 05 Mar 03

By e-mail

Windows 98

  €dstow 16:18 05 Mar 03

Am I missing something here?

The problem doesn't seem to fit with the title of the post.

The most common cause of sound/picture breakup on DVD playback is a shortage of RAM.

Why should the modem or anything internet-wise have any connection with that?

I've problably missed some important point, if so I apologise


  €dstow 08:02 06 Mar 03

By email, which does explain my confusion

"No, you're not going mad. The problem is that after installing the USB drivers to allow me to go onto NTL broadband, I get breaking audio probs, slight but annoying.
Someone has suggested I get a network interface card and then use the ethernet connection method."

Two points:

1. The original information given said nothing about USB drivers or even broadband. This was the cause of my confusion.

2. Would you direct your relpies to the forum rather than personal email. That way people far more knowledgeable than me in these matters will be able to make a contribution.


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