dvd+ or -R

  meater 18:49 30 Aug 06

Please can some body tell me which are the best type of DVD's to get for Data. DVD+R or DVD-R?
Will be gratefull of any help.


  JayDay 19:06 30 Aug 06

I don't think it makes any difference at all. I use both with no problems.

  mattyc_92 19:06 30 Aug 06

As my DVD rewritter can burn to either.... I prefer the "DVD-R" as they are cheaper ;-)

  s99Raj 19:14 30 Aug 06

True - it really makes no difference. Just check which your DVD player accepts.

I use both and both work just fine.

  SANTOS7 19:16 30 Aug 06

-R are supposed to be compat with more players then +R but there's not much between them..

  dogbreath1 20:09 30 Aug 06

What perhaps is more important is the quality of the disc and whether the brand is compatible with your dvd rw. I have a Plextor PX-716A. If I use Philips dvd's, I produce 2 out of 3 coasters. Having checked on the Plextor home pages, TDK and Vertbatim are recommended...and since using that media, I've not had a single failure.

  dogbreath1 20:11 30 Aug 06

I would say, though, that Plextor recommend dvd +r for the PX-716A.

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