dvd+ or dvd-,which is best for dvd players?

  dfghjkl 23:11 04 Aug 04

hello all,i have just recieved a multi format dvd burner for my 40th birthday (they say life begins now,cant wait.)i am off to buy some blank discs,probably rw ones,as i think they will be more suited to my needs,and considering the price of them,
what i want to know is,which ones are most likley to work with my and my families various makes of full size dvd players? i am sure that i read once that i need the "-" format,but i would like some pointers please,thankas,peter

  stalion 23:13 04 Aug 04

older players dvd+ later or new players should play both

  THE TERMINATOR 23:19 04 Aug 04

dvd+ is better for video, dvd- is better for data....TT

  The Spires 23:35 04 Aug 04

Some players will only play either - or + so you need to check the telly desructions.

  The Spires 23:36 04 Aug 04

Not telly DVD player instructions.

  TBH1 23:36 04 Aug 04

dfghjkl - "life begins at 40" ???? Don't you believe it mate - - -another 10 years yet.

  dfghjkl 23:50 04 Aug 04

thanks all,
i have waited 40 years,another 10 with my mrs and kids will just about see me off,thanks,peter

  Rogerfredo 09:33 05 Aug 04

I've always been under the impression that rewriteable discs only work reliably on the unit used to write them (ie not a seperate DVD player). You need DVD-R discs for the widest compatibility with older players.

  keith-236785 09:40 05 Aug 04

if you goto the website of the drive manufacturer, there should be a list of supported discs, there was for my NEC 2500 dvd multi format.

personally i use Datawrite red (V3) -r and so far havent had a bad one (out of about 12 i have used)

ps. these werent on the drives list but they work ok

if you are going to buy RW discs, you wont need many as you can erase them and start again if it goes wrong

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