Dvd +or- dual layer

  WallyD 15:54 18 Jun 08

I'm arookie with dual layer but wish to have a go with one. I have the latest (Aldi ) Medion pc.
I've always bought DVD - R and have had no trouble.However searching the internet to purchase Dual layer dvd,s they all seem to be +R
Will these be ok and also run on the domestic DVD player. Thank you

  Pamy 16:15 18 Jun 08

Your "latest (Aldi ) Medion pc." will almost surely record to DVD+ discs but DVD-disks can be obtained from Choice Stationary
click here

Whether your DVD player will play them is another matter(check what manual for it says)

  crosstrainer 16:17 18 Jun 08

Refer to your drives manual to ensure that it will write to dual layer. Not all drives can, and if they can it will be clearly stated which typ you need to use.

The same applies to DVD players, good quality modern PVR's will play them, some older DVD players will not.

Model number of your PC would help.

  Pamy 16:25 18 Jun 08

Also click here

  WallyD 17:54 18 Jun 08

Sorry gat called away
manythanks for your comments
Model of PC is Medion 8833

  WallyD 18:04 18 Jun 08

The site Pamy offered for DVD is also ALL DVD +R
I think I'll purchase a small number and give it a try
Many thanks to you all

  Pamy 18:20 18 Jun 08

Scroll down second site to Verbatim 8.5Gb 4x Dual Layer DVD-R

from £1.76 per disc

Verbatim have now completed the testing of its new 4x DVD-R Dual Layer (DL) media with DVD burner manufacturers and their software suppliers for read/write and compatibility. The finalized specification enables the new DL-compatible burners to write a complete 8.5GB Verbatim Dual Layer DVD-R disc in about 25 minutes. By offering two recording layers, Verbatim's new 4x DVD-R DL discs provide almost double the capacity on a single side compared to the 4.7GB DVD-R media. With the higher capacity, consumers can store up to nearly 4 hours of DVD-quality video (nearly 8 hours of VHS-quality video) or 8.5GB of data on a single side while maintaining read compatibility with the majority of today's DVD players and DVD-ROM. Verbatim part code 43543
Select Quantity 10 discs at £1.99 20 discs at £1.95 30 discs at £1.92 40 discs at £1.89 50 discs at £1.87 100 discs at £1.82 200 discs at £1.79 300 discs at £1.76


Verbatim 8.5Gb 8x Dual Layer DVD-R

from £1.91 per disc

  Pamy 18:29 18 Jun 08

Medion spec click here

  Pamy 18:30 18 Jun 08

Medion Spec click on technical details

  eedcam 18:36 18 Jun 08

All very well but very expensive Coasters which can happen .What would you need to used a dual layer even a blockbuster like Pvt ryan is only just over 6 G/bte.

  Stuartli 18:40 18 Jun 08

Probably because a DVD disc has a capacity of 4.7GB.

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