DVD + or - ??

  roygbiv 08:15 25 Jul 06

Now I have bought a DVD re-writer, I have been told that DVD readers (on TV`s) read either - disc`s or + disc`s (unless they are MULTI format)
So any advice , as to which one is the most popular ??....Alan

  Diodorus Siculus 08:24 25 Jul 06

I think I read somewhere that more standalone players accept the - format.

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  Catastrophe 08:28 25 Jul 06

Best cover the spectrum and go multi format.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:38 25 Jul 06

Are you talking of disks or players?

  Phphred 08:41 25 Jul 06

I should imagine that the negative is the most popular as they were on the market first; but usually each can read the other. however note usually!!

  Strawballs 09:23 25 Jul 06

I am with Diodorus Siculus on this one I have found that some (older) DVD players will not read the + format have not come across any that won't read -.

  roygbiv 10:07 25 Jul 06

Looks like at trip out to exchange the (unopened) box of DVD + change it for DVD -

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