dvd + or -

  rambus 16:44 26 Jun 04

what is the best choice for copying dvd`s + format or - format.

  Johny C 17:14 26 Jun 04

I have never used - dvd's dont know why but i always use + discs, and i have never had a problem burning anything onto disc

  The BB 17:32 26 Jun 04

Simple answer is - it depends.
If you want to create movies etc. check your DVD player (mine is a Panasonic and states -R in the manual).

If it just on computers (and they all support both) then I'd put it down to cost, but am happily using TDK DVD-R...

  wotbus@ 18:22 26 Jun 04

Not certain you are right The BB, about PC's supporting both. Depends simply on your make of r-rw drive - not all support both (burning)and some switch automatically to burn the same as the source disc. Rambus - if it's dvd's you want to record to play on your dvd machine (lounge or HIFI setup or whatever) your dvd manual will tell you which one to use. If its to playback on your PC check the specs of your r-rw drive and that should tell you if both are supported (burn). Most will playback either.

  wotbus@ 18:25 26 Jun 04

PS Quality of + or - is the same; its a question of format compatibility.

  TOMMO01 08:02 27 Jun 04

This subject - which is better- can lead to many disagreements.

I think that the PLUS format is better and makes more compliant DVD disks than the MINUS format.

I went the PLUS route because my Philips DVD player was supposed to only play that format. However it does play some MINUS disks. But this is a lottery as it depends on the disks used and the software used to write the disks.

The highest compatabilty is obtained by using the PLUS format, and using the "Change Booktype To DVD-ROM" setting in Nero.

To chane the booktype the DVD writer must be Ricoh based. Like Philips or Ricoh. This option has NEVER failed me on any DVD standalone, XBOX or PS2.

Test your player first - find out what it plays then go for that format. No one can really advise, there are so many variables.

  rambus 09:29 27 Jun 04

thank you all for your replys, i will get some + and some - disc`s and see which one`s give the best playback quality, it seems there is no definitive answer so many variables to consider.
thanks again for your help, much appreciated. rambus.

click here should help also

  SEASHANTY 15:51 27 Jun 04

Explaining DVD formats click here

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