DVD not recognised by Windows

  Prancer 10:21 13 Sep 04

I have a recently installed DVD writer and run Win2K Pro. The player works just fine and I have copied my data to a +RW disc by drag and drop. BUT when I open Explorer it does not recognise the drive as a DVD but as a CD Rom. Also, when I try to do a Windows backup using the backup Wizard it does not seem to know that it's a DVD. It is set as secondary master and correctly identified in the BIOS as such. Can anyone help?

  Diodorus Siculus 10:31 13 Sep 04

My Win2k sees the DVD ROM drive as a CD ROM drive also - seems to be normal.

I don't think that Windows backuyp for Win2k will recognise DVDs.

Try a different backup routine such as those outlined at click here

  Stuartli 10:39 13 Sep 04

Windows XP has always recognised my DVD-ROM drive as a CD-ROM and also my CD-RW rewriter - it also switches the D and E drive letters no matter which way I install or reinstall them.

I've just assumed it's because the rewriter is the Master and the DVD-ROM drive the Slave.

It's nothing to worry about - all drives use the same basic Windows CDROM driver and perform basically the same function; rewriters require software such as Nero to work as intended.

  Prancer 11:02 13 Sep 04

Thank you, I shall try your links.

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