DVD not recognised in PC

  snow-white 14:58 12 May 06

Can anyone help me? I have a DVD Recorder (Bush DVR3004) that records using -R/-RW discs. After recording, I can play it on another DVD player, but it is not recognised on my PC DVD RW (Sony DVD RW DW-Q30A). When I use windows explorer, there is nothing on the disc. I also don't have the option to finalise the disc on my DVD recorder - I presume it does it automatically.

  johndrew 15:32 12 May 06

If you record and play back on the same machine you don`t have to finalise the disk. If you want to play back on a different machine you must finalise.

Are you certain there is no facility to finalise on your recorder? Usually there is a menu that provides for a number of different options including finalising/unfinalising.

I have looked on the net but can`t find a copy of the manual for your DVD recorder to confirm the features.

  snow-white 15:43 12 May 06

Thanks for your response.

I can playback on a different machine (but not the PC). There is an option to finalise the disc, but this is not accessible (it is greyed out)for the -R discs, it is only available for the -RW discs.

I am going to try recording onto a different disc and see if that will playback on the PC. I will postback when I have tried this.

  ACOLYTE 15:48 12 May 06

Are you sure you burner supports -R format fully
maybe try +R ?,most newer ones support both -/+ some dont.

  snow-white 16:54 12 May 06

Sorry - it is +R/+RW that it uses (you can tell I'm new to this).

I recorded a programme onto a RW disc and this played OK on the PC, but now I am having problems trying to copy it using the PC and Nero 6 - I keep getting compliance and reallocation errors.

  johndrew 17:26 12 May 06

I looked at the spec sheet for the drive and it supports both +&- so perhaps its your media that is causing the problem. Some DVD disks are `not as good` as others and the burner may not like them OR possibly there is something about the way the recorder is writing to them.

Have you tried writing on the Sony and playing back on the Bush?

Does the Sony play pre-recorded DVDs (films) OK?

What software are you using on the PC to watch the disks produced on the Bush with?

  snow-white 20:51 12 May 06

I'm using Windows media player to playback the discs produced on the Bush DVD recorder. The Sony plays pre-recorded discs with no problem. I have copied some photos onto DVD using the Sony and they are playing back on the Bush with no problem. As I said in the previous thread, I can now record on the Bush and playback on the Sony, but I am having problems copying it using Nero6 due to compliance and reallocation errors.

  johndrew 11:04 13 May 06

I`m pleased the original problem is fixed, but sad that I can`t help with the Nero - not enough experience!!

Presumably the Nero is a full version, not a bundled disk that may have been cut down? If you have other similar copying software there may be a conflict.

  snow-white 15:11 01 Jun 06

Thanks Johndrew.

I've now managed to get the files copied onto DVD using Nero, but when I try to play them on a normal dvd player, it says WRONG DISC. It will play OK on the PC using Windows Media player

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