dvd not playing

  joelle1230 16:18 10 Jan 06

my dvd -r disks will play ok in my computer but not any of my dvd players
my mate has the same disks and when he recodes on them they play ok on my dvd players

thks for any info


  pj123 16:23 10 Jan 06

Have you Finalised them?

  joelle1230 16:27 10 Jan 06

not sure will have to check

  joelle1230 17:17 10 Jan 06

i have burnt a disk open and closed still the same

  ashdav 00:06 11 Jan 06

what are you trying to burn ?

  madPentium 08:13 12 Jan 06

what exactly are you burning? could it be files your dvd player doesnt recognise?
Also, try burning one at X2 to see if it works. Some cheap discs simpy dont behave at X4 or X8

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