DVD music to CD music format

  bridge+ 11:00 04 Oct 04

I bought a CD (DVD) with 2 piano concertos but, foolishy, did not realise that this format does not work in my car CD player - the CD was purchased for use in the car. Am I snookered ? Is there software which will convert the DVD format ? All comments most welcome, many thanks. Colin

  stlucia 12:59 04 Oct 04

Yes, if you can play them on your PC you can convert them. Someone else may be able to refer you to some software that can do it directly, but the way I would do it is: Record the tracks onto your HDD using whatever recording software came with your sound card (or any other recording software), then burn the tracks onto a CD using the 'create a music CD' option in Roxio or Nero or some other burning software.

If the original DVD is full, you're going to need more than one CD for the same content; or you may be able to compress the files (with some loss of quality) to fit.

  pj123 16:24 04 Oct 04

Not sure I understand what you mean. You say you bought a CD (DVD). Is it a CD or a DVD. CD players can't play DVDs, but DVD players can play CD's.

  pj123 17:01 04 Oct 04

Following received via email, so it looks like it is a DVD trying to be played on a CD player, which can't be done.

"Hi pj123, Slight problem with my vocabulary - being new to the audio systems. DVD it is - many thanks. Colin aka bridge"

bridge+, please try to post your responses on the Forum rather than email a particular person, that way we can all see how we are responding.

  bridge+ 16:12 10 Oct 04

For stlucia & pj123, The conversion has not yet been successfully completed ; I am being given (on loan) Nero's latest version - which spans discs - will keep you posted.

  Ivor_Monkey 16:23 10 Oct 04

I think itunes (windows) -which can be freely downloaded - will allow you to imported soundtrack into the itunes library which can then be copied to cd. But this might result in some slightly reduced quality.

  pj123 16:24 10 Oct 04

Do you have a DVD Rom or DVD Rewriter installed on your PC?

  bridge+ 20:20 10 Oct 04

To pj123, DVD ROM.

  bridge+ 20:23 10 Oct 04

To Ivor_Monkey, Many thanks for your suggestion, I will investigate and let you know the outcome - might be a few days though !

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