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  donmar 19:39 13 Jan 07

I bought some top of the range DVD discs ( two different brands) but neither is recognised by my Sony dvd recorder.My computer sees and records to them with no probs.A friend's JVC recorder is fine with them. They are DVD-RW but underneath the is written DVD RW2.
Does anyone know what this means please?


  Stuartli 20:29 13 Jan 07

I think you may be misreading the maximum write speed capability of the disks i.e. write speeds 2.7x, 4x etc.

  donmar 21:18 13 Jan 07

Hello Stuart

No the discs are certified 4X. But there is a box beneath the DVD-RW logo with RW2 inside the box and I have not seen that on any discs before.Thanks for getting back to me.

  kev-a 22:43 13 Jan 07

What brand are the discs with the RW2 on??

  Stuartli 22:44 13 Jan 07

A bit more delving has revealed an Authoring Version 2.0 for some DVD-R disks:

click here

plus the comment:


"There are 2 formats coexisting in this kind of DVD, the DVD+RW and DVD-RW. The physical format characteristics and main format representative are equal to the general DVD R format."

  Bill Baker 23:19 13 Jan 07

I have some new TDK DVD-RW disks with the RW2 logo on them and also wondered what the RW2 meant.
My PC writes to them fine and they work fine in my Liteon DVD recorder too.

  donmar 10:04 14 Jan 07

The discs are TDK and Verbatim DVD-RW with the logo RW2.
Neither work in the Sony both work in a JVC recorder. They also both work on the computer.


  Smiler 11:43 14 Jan 07

Are they -RW?
It is possible that the Sony only works with +RW type of Disc.

  Totally-braindead 11:48 14 Jan 07

Firstly I would checkout what disks your Sony will recognise then take it from there.
Am I correct in saying that your Sony DVD recorder that you are on about is a standalone unit connected to the TV? If so what model number is it?
I would think either the Sony doesn't support this type of disk or it doesn't support the format you have recorded the disk in. More than likely the first option in which case flog the disks to your mate and get some replacements it does support.

  donmar 11:57 14 Jan 07

I have looked at the manual that came with the Sony and it supports. DVD-R DVD+ and - RW.

RW Versions 1.0 and 1.1 are listed, recorded in SR mode,which mine were.

So I guess that as the discs are labelled RW2 they will not work. None of the web sites I buy from indicate what version discs they are selling.
Maplin Dab etc simply tell you the make and type but not the version.

  Totally-braindead 14:05 14 Jan 07

Try another make of disk. Borrow one from a mate and see if that works.

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