DVD keeps freezing after conversion

  edenworkshops 23 Mar 13


We got a new DVD player a while ago, our old one accepted .avi format files.

But our new DVD player only accepts DVD format, so I convert the .avi files into DVD format, but when we try to play the DVD it keeps freezing, though sometimes a DVD will play all the way through without freezing.

Any ideas as to what the problem might be?

Thank you.


  lotvic 23 Mar 13

What is the make and model of your new DVD player?

What program and method are you using to convert .avi to DVD format and then to burn to DVD?

  lotvic 23 Mar 13

Forgot to ask, is the new DVD player connected to your TV and what is the make and model of your tv? (my tv will play several formats from a memory stick)

Also what other equipment do you have? (my Humax Foxsat PVR will also play from usb attached harddrives and memory stick)

  edenworkshops 23 Mar 13

Thank you for your reply, I will find these things out in the morning, I am at work right now.

Please dont desert me :)


  rdave13 23 Mar 13

With my experiences with DVD players then the cheapest models tend to play anything. The more expensive are picky. Send it back as not fit for purpose.

  edenworkshops 23 Mar 13

Ours was the cheapest in the shop?


  rdave13 24 Mar 13

You buy from a shop?

  Number six 24 Mar 13

DVD players will only play video files in MPEG2 format in VOB containers. DVD flick is an excellent free program which will convert just about any format and burn DVDs.

DVD Flick


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