Rob Hughes 23:02 12 Apr 08

The CD/DVD drive in my PC has failed and I'm looking to but a new one, but there seem to be two different types: IDE and SATA. Just wondering what the difference is, and whether they will both work with my PC (which runs on XP). Is it just that one type is faster than the other?

  MCE2K5 23:48 12 Apr 08

SATA are said to be Faster, But have yet to see it.

SATA Ports look like click here

IDE ports look like click here

  DieSse 16:47 13 Apr 08

I strongly recommend you put back one of the same type that failed. All the cabling and setups will be in place.

It's your motherboard that determines whether you have IDE and/or SATA connections available.

For optical drives, speed doesn't enter into it. Both are fine.

If it's an IDE drive, remember to set the jumprer to the same as the one you removed.

  Rob Hughes 15:41 14 Apr 08

OK, thanks - could you tell me how to find out which one I have at the moment?

  DieSse 15:47 14 Apr 08

Look at the data cable - is it a 2" (approx) wide flat cable? - then it's IDE. If it's a thin cable with a tiny connector - it's SATA.

  mikesuther 17:52 14 Apr 08

Hi, I would sugest that the drive on your machine would be IDE if it is a Computer rather than a laptop. To that end if your machine was manufacured by a company look up the model specification on the web page of the manufacturer.

If you buy the drive from some shop such as PC world if you buy the wrong one you can exchange it for the correct type. When you replace the drive I would consider upgrading the specification. So for example if you had a DVD rom drive upgrade to DVD rewriter, if DVD rewriter go for a drive that supports lightscribe. The reason for this is that you only change when things break and the cost of components are coming down in price all the time.

Th advantage of light scribe is that when used with compatible discs you can label the discs proffesionally. the price of the discs are not much more than standard blank disks. As someone said earlier when you take out the old drive look at the back and you will see a pin connector take it off the old drive and put it on the new drive in the same position.

  Technotiger 21:51 14 Apr 08

Hmm, if I remember correctly Lightscribe DVD ROMs are SATA only - and whether SATA or IDE will depend on the motherboard.

  MCE2K5 21:58 14 Apr 08
  Technotiger 22:02 14 Apr 08

Grreat -thanks for adding to my limited personal knowledge bank. Cheers.

  MCE2K5 22:14 14 Apr 08

Techno,I only found it myself last night, I had same thought as you.

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