DVD freezes

  Maughan 17:50 01 Mar 03

I have a new-ish MultiVision PC running XP Home with an Athlon XP 2200+ (1.8 GHz), 256 MB RAM and an Atapi DVD-ROM drive (16x). I have the most up-to-date driver for the DVD-ROM.

When I play shop-bought DVDs, after a while (20 mins or so) they freeze for 20 or 30 seconds every few minutes.

I do not have any scheduled tasks and I make sure that all other programmes are closed and the internet connection disconnected during DVD playback - doesn't help.

While the DVD is playing normally, the light on the drive is constantly lit and the hard disk light flickers. When the DVD freezes, the lights are the other way around.

This happens whether playback is through Power DVD or Windows MediaPlayer.

Surely the processor and other spec are up to the job of simple playback of a DVD...? What could be casuing the problem? (which is ENFURIATING!!)

Thanks in advance!


  Djohn 02:59 02 Mar 03

XP likes to have a fair amount of ram, especially for playing DVD's. I think an extra 256 will cure the problem, it will certainly help out. Also what graphic card are you using?

DVD's require a fair amount of graphics, and mem. as well as a fast CPU to run correctly. Your CPU is more than capable, so that brings us back to the graphics card and the mem.

  -pops- 06:41 02 Mar 03

I had this problem with my first XP upgraded machine with the additional difficulty of the sound being out of sync with the picture. The machine had 256MB RAM. Upgrading to 512MB cured the problem.

As Djohn says, XP is very RAM hungry.


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