DVD Formats? Does anyone know?

  pj123 14:08 18 May 03

A long time ago Video recorders were VHS, Beta and the Philips double sided formats. VHS won out in the end, but what about DVDs. Which format to buy now and not find it was the wrong choice sometime down the line? What are the DVD formats? and what is the difference?

  1514 14:29 18 May 03

Try this and stay with the site and have a good read click here

  crx1600 14:35 18 May 03

there are a few dual format/multi format drives about so there is no need to get 'stuck' with whatever may become the 'betamax'

new version of DVD are soon to be with us (blue-ray) so id doubt if any of the current formats are here forever.

for info on formats and their differences click here

  pj123 16:57 18 May 03

Thanks for your response and links. There is so much there that I might have to give up my daily Forum "fix" for a few days to read it all.


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