DVD exploded

  potatoofdoom2 21:00 30 Apr 08

For some reason one of my DVD shattered inside the drive. Now after removing it and tipping it upside down I seem to have removed all the broken bits (over 40) but the drive door will not remain closed. It just opens again and again after closing. Should I just buy another and hope it will be compatable?

Regards Jim

  Technotiger 21:02 30 Apr 08

Yes, I would buy another, they are cheap enough these days. Compatibility should not be an issue.

  Technotiger 21:18 30 Apr 08

Marg7 is dead right, I forgot about that - I shouldn't have though, 'cos I have just fitted a new SATA DVD drive myself! I blame old-age :-)

  Technotiger 21:20 30 Apr 08

If you mobo is SATA capable, you could get a Lightscribe one!

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