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DVD Dual Layer Media

  pj123 13:29 29 Aug 05

Do DVD Dual Layer blank disks only come in the +R variety? I have checked Ebuyer, Ebay, Dealtime and Blankdiskshop but can't see any that are -R.

My PC DVD burner and my standalone domestic DVD recorder are both multiformat, so not a problem for me. But my friend (although he has the same PC DVD burner as me) only has a -R domestic DVD player.

  dave_and_confused 13:36 29 Aug 05

as far as i've seen.

Althouih i have just seen this click here

Includes a section with many DVD+DL discs and then a Section with DVD-DL (1 Single - VERBATIM DVD-DL 8.5Gb x4 speed) Not a typo as it's in it's own section)

Also here - click here

See click here

  pj123 13:51 29 Aug 05

dave_and_confused, thanks for the links.

Getting more confusing now. We seem to have Dual Layer and Double Layer. Have to do some more research. I am assuming (at the moment) that Dual Layer is a single sided disk and Double Layer is a "turn over" disk. If it is a turn it over and burn on the other side then I assume you can't write or stick a label on it with a list of contents? I'm off to Google now.

  crx1600 14:00 29 Aug 05

SVP & Bigpockets both stock them.

SVP - {DV 3255} Verbatim Dual Layer (4x) DVD-R click here

Bigpockets - Verbatim 2x-4x Dual Layer 8.5Gb DVD-R click here

dual layer = -R DL, double layer = +R DL.

  crx1600 13:29 31 Aug 05


  pj123 14:01 31 Aug 05

crx1600, thank you for the bump. My research if finished. I have spoken to quite a few suppliers and all have said the same thing. "There is no difference between Dual Layer and Double Layer"

At the moment the standard seems to be +R but there are a few coming out with -R (but even more expensive).

It also appears that if you have to turn the disk over it should be described as Double Sided.

Off now to get a couple of Dual Layer disks (as they are still quite high priced) to experiment.

Thanks everyone. Ticked.

  crx1600 14:05 31 Aug 05

"There is no difference between Dual Layer and Double Layer"

except the format, as mentioned.

you'll notice that the DVD+ format (DVD+RW Alliance) aren't allowed to use any 'official' terms or logo's, thats why they have there own 'RW' logo, and have to refer to there DL discs as 'double-layer'

  pj123 18:00 31 Aug 05

crx1600, not what I was told. Most of the suppliers I have spoken to say that all Dual Layer/Double Layer all have a RW logo. But they have to state that the disk is not Rewritable in the description. Check here: click here

"PLEASE NOTE: The various DVD+R logos can sometimes be confusing, as they all contain the letters "RW" as part of the logo design. This is the case even when the disc the logo represents is NOT rewritable. Therefore, despite the disc format logos on this page containing the letters RW in the logo design, none of the discs on this page are ReWritable."

  crx1600 18:09 31 Aug 05

'RW' is simply the logo of the +R format (DVD Alliance) click here

and as mentioned they (DVD Alliance) cannot use the 'official' DVD logo's or terms such as 'dual-layer' so they have their own.

only those involved in the -R format (DVD forum) can use the 'official' terms and logo's.

i never mentioned 'rewritable' in my previous posts?

  crx1600 16:33 02 Sep 05

so has the penny dropped yet, or do you still think -R DL media will display the +R logo?

this is the 'official' logo used with all -R media types click here similar to what can just be seen on the -R DL media i linked at bigpockets.

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