DVD Drives - IDE, Dual Layer whats the difference

  iainmcduk 12:49 26 Jun 05

Im thinking about upgrading my CD ROM drive to a DVD drive. Only i don't know what the difference is between though diferent types. What is an IDE drive? How would that differ from any other drive and what is Dual Layered?

Thanks for the help.

  mattyc_92 13:00 26 Jun 05

An IDE drive is what your CD-RW is probably is (it is the "standard" connection). You need a "IDE Cable" (which your system should already have it is normally a grey ribben cable, but colour can differ)

Duel Layer means you can fit aroung 9.8gigs onto one DVD-R (but these disks are more expensive). A single layered DVD is around 4.7gigs. A duel layer can write to both of these. Also try to get a DVD-RW which can write to + media and - media (DVD-RWs can also write to CDs as you probably already know)

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