dvd drive will not open

  rubygxx 12 Nov 12

Hi, i have an old packard bell ixtreme X2711 and i was setting it up for my grandson at his dads house, they have only had it running a few days, it has not been used for a year, now the dvd drive tray will not open, pressing eject or trying to eject from my computer results in it trying hard to do something, you can hear it clicking and struggling to open, tried the small hole just under the tray but that wont make it open either, would anyone know any other way to get it to open, i cannot seem to find any real info online for this pc, i know its an atapi dvd w DH16WIP ata device, any help much appreciated.

  spuds 12 Nov 12

You appear to have running two threads on the same subject, possibly due to a recent server overload problem?.

I have responded in the other thread. Problem is usually by something broken or jammed inside, if the pin-hole method doesn't work. You could also check for loose cable connections.

  rubygxx 13 Nov 12

Hello and thanks, i was at my sons house and tried a few times to release it with poking a thin wire into the reset hole, then my son comes home from work and , when i explained where the hole was,( he previously couldn't find it when i said there should be a small hole to eject the tray)he managed to get it to open first go,obviously i was doing it hard enough, not sure but anyway, he got it open , thanks for your help and i have not got a clue about another thread on same subject, not sure what i did there sorry.

  spuds 13 Nov 12

Thanks for the response and how the problem was resolved.

Here's the other post http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/forums/1/tech-helproom/4186504/dvd-will-not-open/


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