DVD Drive speeds

  Fleetblue 13:24 21 Sep 10

I'm getting really confused with this. According to Nero Info file my DVD drive reads and writes at 48x and I can use either DVD-RW or DVD+RW.
I'm taking it from what I've read that this is good. I've been using Verbatim DVD-RW 4x discs but, again if what I'm reading is right, I should have been using DVD+RW discs at a higher speed (8x or 16x I've seen mentioned). Can anyone clarify this for me. Thanks.

  Fleetblue 13:56 21 Sep 10

Fleetblue here. Thanks for the help.

  eedcam 18:54 21 Sep 10

Can be folly to burn to dvd at high speed can be much more reliable to use x4 of course depends what you are burning

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