Dvd drive make terrible vibrating noise!!!

  MarkJM 23:34 28 Feb 04

I have a LiteOn dvd drive model LTD-165H in my pc. Most times i put in a disk it spools up and creates a violent grating and vibrating noise. I think i mounted it ok in my dell optiplex desktop system it is like the drive is going too fast its 48x CD and 16x Dvd any help would be appreciated Thanks.

  ton 01:01 29 Feb 04

Is the vibration caused by just one CD or DVD? If this is the case then maybe a faulty disk.

  Forum Editor 01:24 29 Feb 04

high speed 'flutter' which is the CD or DVD rotating slightly out of balance. If it happens with just one CD or DVD it can be because there's slightly more ink on one particular part of the label - this is enough to result in disk flutter at high speed on some drives. The same thing can happen with CDs that you've labeled yourself if the label is slightly off-centre.

If you get the noise with all CDs the likelyhood is that there's a fault on the drive bearing, and there's nothing you can do. In this situation you should replace the drive, or disks may shatter inside the drive - always a scary moment, and expensive if they're software disks.

  MarkJM 21:28 04 Mar 04


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