DVD drive error : "cyclic redundancy check" !!

  El Cavaliero! 19:07 23 Apr 03

Can anyone please help?
I am running XP Professional (+SP1) 700 athlon, 512k memory. Was given a DVD-R from a friend with some stuff on it but when I put it in my DVD rom drive the machine grinds to a standstill until I remove the disc.(Reads all sorts of CD's fine) If I look in explorer it is detecting the folders on the disc but will not let me copy or open the files or their contents. The drive is a Panasonic (Matsu*!@:a) SR-8585. XP has installed its own driver for this. I don't have any DVD decoding software installed: do I need this and where can I get it (pref a freebie). Many thanks in anticipation of your help.

PS great site:I have used it several times for help and you guys(and gals) have never failed me yet.

Cheers once again


  -pops- 19:18 23 Apr 03

What is on the disk?

If it's a DVD movie, you will need a player. One of the best, but not free is click here

If it's a copied commercial movie, it may not play because of Macrovision anticopying on the original.


  El Cavaliero! 19:24 23 Apr 03

Hi pops

The disc contains purely data: some MP3 files, some JPEGS etc but does not have any movie material on it: does this narrow it down?

  -pops- 19:31 23 Apr 03

Oh! Surprised then. At least you should be able to open the JPGs, even if not the MP3 files but WMP should be able to open those.

Have you ever been able to play a DVD in the drive? Have you used a DVDR in it before? Is the disk a DVD-R or DVD+R? Do you know if your drive can cope with that type of disk?

Getting a bit out of my depth here but, there will be someone who knows a lot about it here soon, I would think. Hold on!!


  powerless 20:34 23 Apr 03

A CRC Error usually means the disc is buggered.

Wheres does this message appear?

A quicke is just to clean to the disc.

  El Cavaliero! 20:52 23 Apr 03

Thanks for the help so far

Have used this drive for playing DVD's before without problems. have lent this disc (DVD -R) to my mates who haven't had any problems with it. Just tried it again: double clicked on an MP3 track and it started to play it! Tried another track and the same problem : explorer hangs, have to close media player, then everything on the desktop disappears and eventually comes back again. Do I need a newer driver to be able to read DVD-R (first time I have tried to read one with this drive: could be onto something here!) Does anyone know if this drive is firmware upgradeable and if so how do you go about it? (a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing!) Please keep trying any many thanks to all of you for your efforts so far.

El Cavaliero!

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