DVD drive, CD writer & DVD writer

  reddwarfcrew 19:39 07 Sep 03

I've currently got a DVD drive and CD writer. I'm now thinking about adding a DVD writer, but don't want to get rid of the CD writer as the DVD writer does not write CDRs as quick.

Is there any problems with doing this?


LG DVD Drive
LD CD Writer
& poss Pioneer 106 DVD writer.

  JFT 19:47 07 Sep 03

You will be fine!

  reddwarfcrew 19:59 07 Sep 03


Does it matter which is on primary/secondary and master/slave?

  The Sack 20:04 07 Sep 03

Liteons DVD+RW drive writes CD-R at 40x and CD-RW at 24x.

I have my DVD burner as slave to my CD burner which is the master on IDE2

  JFT 20:38 07 Sep 03

I put my DVD writer as the slave but it doesn't really matter which way round you put them.I picked master for my CD-Writer as i tend to use it more.

  reddwarfcrew 20:41 07 Sep 03

I'm looking at the pioneer as it does both DVD- and +.

  Ironman556 20:46 07 Sep 03

why not put it on that?

  Chegs ® 21:52 07 Sep 03

I have already got Pioneer 106(slave)Liteon cd-rw(master)and a dvd-rom on my IDE channels,I have 2 SATA hdd's so had no use for all IDE hdd's.(Next,going to try SATA RAID,cya in another thread :-) .)

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