DVD drawer wont open,cd stuck inside!!!

  yorkieval 09:36 06 Apr 03

Hi I was using my DVD drive to look at the contents of some cds. I have made and all of a sudden the last one I put in wont work. an nothing that I do will open the drawer. I am running windows EX home. Any suggestions please.....

  Aletank 09:41 06 Apr 03

Have a look on the front of the drive for a small hole, I beleive if you push a pin or similar in this hole it will open the draw.

  Peverelli 09:48 06 Apr 03

You're correct. Needs a long-ish pin though.

  Forum Editor 09:57 06 Apr 03

a straightened paper clip. Insert it into the small hole that you'll find on the front of the drive, and keep going until you feel a resistance - then push gently. The tray catch will release and you can pull it open manually.

Don't yank the tray open - the DVD may be wrongly seated, and can become trapped. It's a bit like that kitchen drawer that won't open because a utensil has jammed inside.

  spikeychris 10:00 06 Apr 03

I think in a former life our FE was a safe cracker...

  yorkieval 10:36 06 Apr 03

Hi, I have tried the paper clip trick but nothing happens, both the CD RW drawer and the DVD wont open!! I have tried opening them from "my compueter" by clicking on the drive letter but that just tells me to "insert a disk"....

  Rayuk 11:20 06 Apr 03

Are you sure you pushed the paper clip in far enough?

  yorkieval 11:23 06 Apr 03

well yes I think so, it went in about 3"/4" before it met resistance, do you think that it was enough?

  yorkieval 11:24 06 Apr 03

sorry, the last message is suppossed to read 3 to 4 inches....

  Forum Editor 11:24 06 Apr 03

to the paperclip technique you may have the jammed disk syndrome that I mentioned. Try again, and this time exert a little more pressure, but if it still doesn't work you may have to try something else.

Press the drive tray IN gently and firmly, to see if that works - it sometimes frees a disk that's jammed. If it still doesn't work you'll need to remove the drive and take it to a repairer. You can open the casing, but I don't recommend it - there are some extremely delicate components inside, and one slip can wreck the whole drive.

  StanH 11:25 06 Apr 03

Have you tried pushing the eject button while booting up is taking place?

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