DVD discs in DVD burner, - One Make is NBG

  thegreypanther 09:56 09 Dec 07

I am trying to copy a DVD-video disc, read from a Sony DVD player, on to DVD +R discs in a Liteon DVD player/burner.
When using Verbatim 4Gb 12x discs, the copying is fine, - with the disc being read/written at 8x speed.
But I then used some Phillips 4Gb 12x discs, and the transfer is at 2x speed, with one disc not beig verified.
Is it possible to have one brand of discs being perfectly OK to use in a particular DVD reader/writer, and another brand of discs NBG. Or is it just that the pack of Phillips discs is no good for some other reason?

  skidzy 10:03 09 Dec 07

Some players and writers can be fussy over the media used.
I have this problem on my laptop,i just stick to what performs best,trial and error im afraid.

  eedcam 11:16 09 Dec 07

Even different batches of the same brand can play up .Do you have to use +?

  thegreypanther 12:01 09 Dec 07

Thanks skidzy and eedcam.
By changing to TDK 4Gb 16x DVD +R discs I have been able to write at 16x!
Clearly, then, different makes of discs suit the DVD reader/writer better than others.
I use DVD +R discs simply because I had a stack of them and they seem to have worked in the past.

So looks like I shall stick with TDK discs on my setup.

  eedcam 12:31 09 Dec 07

Glad your sorted Emnic it is not always advisable to burn at 16x in my experience
Dont forget to Tick

  eedcam 12:32 09 Dec 07

Sorry just seen you have

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