DVD discs

  norice 16:15 25 Sep 03

I'm about to buy some blank DVDs to burn but I'm a bit confused as to the different formats. What's the difference between DVD-R and DVD+R ??

  Jabba10 16:34 25 Sep 03

Hi Norice

They are different formats (a bit like VHS and Betamax video (if you can remember that far back!)

The one you should choose depends on two things:

(1) The type of DVD writer you have got installed on your computer (it may do both if it's one of these fancy 'multi-burner' things).

(2) The types of DVD format that your DVD player will accept (Sony DVD players will accept both).

Hope that helps.

  The Sack 16:48 25 Sep 03

in use there is no difference, just buy the format that will work with your burner

  Chegs ® 18:50 25 Sep 03

The difference between + and - formats,is burning speeds.DVD-RW can only be burnt at 1X whereas DVD+RW will burn at 2.7X.I bought 5-RW discs,and 5+RW,as I wondered what the differences were too.

  bremner 18:55 25 Sep 03

Chegs my Pioneer DVD writer will write +RW at 2.4x and -RW at 2x

  -pops- 18:58 25 Sep 03

As well as the format being correct, ensure that the brand of disk is suitable for your writer. DVD writers can be very faddy about what they write to.

  Ponkin 19:19 25 Sep 03
  norice 23:47 25 Sep 03

Thanks everyone!!

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