dvd decoder prob

  1cg 11:53 03 Jun 07

hi i bought an ex office pc and have installed a dvdrw but when i try to play a dvd it comes up with there is no windows dvd decoder on this system,i have downloaded allkinds of software but nothing seems to work ?

  johndrew 12:18 03 Jun 07

I`m not really surprised that an office PC doesn`t have a DVD decoder on it - really don`t want employees watching movies all day do they!!!

You don`t say what "allkinds of software" you have downloaded installed or indeed which OS (presumably XP) you are running or indeed if you have a `legal` copy of the disk.

If you have a legal, full copy of XP you should have Media Player, but you could look click here to find any number of decoders at various prices.

click here
vlc plays most things,codecs built in

  johndrew 09:41 04 Jun 07

Further to your e-mail.

I am not particularly familiar with Windows 2000 but it could be that either you need to `repair` the installation, check that all subject items are enabled or update the codecs.

If you don`t want to go that route then perhaps the suggestion made by *THE RAVEN* would be a preferred method.

As an aside it is not good manners to e-mail unless invited to do so.

  birdface 10:31 04 Jun 07

I will side with The Raven with this,VlC will play any DVD.

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