DVD Data Problem

  rrussgriffin 23:45 05 Jun 04

Hi guys, i have a problem. Before i formatted my hard drives i made a copy onto dvd of all the things i needed to save. I know i should of tested the dvd first but i didn't. Now when i try to retrieve the data there is nothing there.(I know what you are going to call me). When i examine the disc on nero under disc info it says Track 01: 0 1,048,224KB, Data so i know there is something on it. Any ideas of how i can get the data off. Cheers. Russ.

  crx1600 23:59 05 Jun 04

ive noticed in nero final burn settings, 'DVD high compatability mode (at least 1GB will be written)'

the option is enabled by default,

if you fail to retrieve any files from the disc, it may help to explain the 'used' data.

  kspatto 00:03 06 Jun 04

try the disc in some one elses drive some drives are funny about the discs they will read especially r/w discs(take a couple of spare cd roms as these are cheep and most drives will read them)

or make sure you have the latest drivers for you disc drive the generic ones are not always the best

  Pearly Gates |X|X| 00:20 06 Jun 04

Hello - If it is a multisession disc you may want to write some more stuff to it and close it when you have finished. There is a danger that the original partition will be ignored though and the disc will start from track 2. The disc content should display when you try to add new files. Could making a copy of your disc prompt Nero to divulge all?

  TomJerry 01:32 06 Jun 04

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  rrussgriffin 00:18 07 Jun 04

Loaded the IsoBuster that didi the trick. Mant thanks to all of you. Russ

  rrussgriffin 00:21 07 Jun 04

oops should of read....Loaded the IsoBuster that did the trick. Many thanks to all of you. Russ.

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