dvd crackling

  chippy+ 13 Jan 12

hi when my brother plays a dvd the sound crackels and picture splutters the thing is 1 the player plays cds with no problems 2 media player plays with no problems 3 changing dvd players gives same problems 4 reinstalled dvd and cd/dvd units no change 5 reinstalled codecs 6 updated drivers 7 updated ms updates 8 updated directx 9 changed order of dvd units d/e to e/d 10 changed master/ slave 11 tried system restore 12 tried sfc 13 checked for viruses 14 tried 2 spare dvd players same problems

         any ideas thanks CHIPPY
  chub_tor 13 Jan 12

Presumably you have tried several different DVDs to rule out the actual DVD itself? If so and you have done all those things listed (I presume that one of the drivers you changed was the sound driver) then it sounds like either a mechanical speaker peoblem - although that does not gel with being OK with a CD - or your CPU/Graphics is not fast enough to keep up with the information being received (and that would account for the picture stuttering).

What is the system spec of the PC you are using?

  chippy+ 13 Jan 12

hi chub_tor the pc belongs to my brother in law it is an old ifriend pc about 8 years old it has been working fine and suddenly this problem has arisen the only thing i hav'nt tried is a new ribbon cable thanks chippy

  chub_tor 13 Jan 12

Does this machine have two separate DVD units in it? That's how your point 3 reads. If you put a DVD in each one in turn do they both cause crackling and picture problems? Checking the ribbon cables is a good idea.

  rdave13 13 Jan 12

Mobo tired possibly? After 8 years possibly worth upgrading or buying a new PC?


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