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DVD Copy Software

  Mozboy 09:40 23 May 03

Is there any software on the market that will let me copy my existing dvds as i am considering buying the sony multi disc dvd burner.

  Big Elf 09:50 23 May 03
  BigMoFoT 10:09 23 May 03

DVD decrypter will only 'remove' the copy protection from a DVD, it does that by 'ripping' the files to your hard disk - you will need some serious space.

You then have to 'squeeze' the film onto a single sided single layer disk.

If you use a program called DVD2ONE that will extract the main movie from the VOB files. Once you have done this it still may be too big for the disk. If that is the case you will need to 'transcode' the files, i.e reduce the quality slightly to fit it on the disk.

All of this is highly illegal of course.

  BigMoFoT 10:11 23 May 03

Oh to transcode you will need to use Pinnacle Instant Copy

  _Treb_ 13:05 23 May 03

Just downloade MovieJack 3 and paid €39 to register it. It does the lot in one simple operation. It still takes about 5 hours to do the job depending on processor power and size of DVD.

  brittas 13:23 23 May 03

the latest roxio - version 6 - will do this for you

  Ali G 13:44 23 May 03

try darvid 3 I was told this can also put them in mvcd whitch is one cd-r cd-rw so you will save half as many disks.

  graham√ 14:42 23 May 03

Just copied one of my DVDs to HDD, when I play it back it has a commentary as well as the soundtrack. Do I need the above-mentioned DVD2ONE?

  -pops- 14:50 23 May 03

I'm amazed this thread is still here.

(That is not a moral judgement, just a comment)!

  Muzziad 15:06 23 May 03

well Mozboy did say he wanted to copy HIS existing DVDs.

isn't the area of personal backups still very grey rather than punishable by death?

  BigMoFoT 15:35 23 May 03

In terms of personal backups of your own personal DVD collection by simply removing the CSS encryption on a DVD that is a breach of copyright and is stated usually in the warning info at the beginning of a film.

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