DVD Codes

  douglas1973 15:48 22 Mar 06

Up to today I have played DVD movies on my computer without any problems.
However, I have just bought a Wallace & Gromit DVD in our local Woolworths and after inserting it in my DVD/R/RW drive on my computer I am asked to ENTER CODE. Why is this hapenning?
All my other DVD movies play without a code being requested and if I put the Wallace & Gromit DVD in my Phillips DVD player connected to my computer I am not asked to ENTER CODE and it plays without any problems.
How can I resolve this problem?

  ACOLYTE 16:00 22 Mar 06

Does the DVD have interactive content? it may be u need a code for this.It also may be a copy protect feature as it doesnt do it when not put in a burner drive.

  douglas1973 18:00 22 Mar 06

Thanks Acolyte,
As I have said it is a Wallace & Gromit movie. Whether it has "interactive" content, I haven't a clue as I really don't know exactly what interactive content is. Presumably some of the other movie DVDs that I view on my computer are similar to the Wallace & Gromit movie.
If I need a code what would be the code? I think the code is something to do with a regional code but why should I need a regional code for a legitimate DVD movie bought in the U.K.?
I went to Woolworths to ask what I should do and needless to say they were clueless. The shop assistant put it in a DVD player connected to a TV and it played without any problems, just as it does on my DVD player connected to my TV.

  ACOLYTE 18:06 22 Mar 06

Then it may be a copy protect feature on that DVD
as it plays fine when put into anything but a DVD burner,try it in another burner if you can see if it asks for a code.The code may be on the case?

Interactive content is things like games/screensavers desktop wallpaper.

The region code is 2 for uk is your DVD player set to this?

  douglas1973 18:26 22 Mar 06

Thanks Acolyte,
Your prompt response is much appreciated.
I am afraid I have not got another DVD burner.
I have tried every number on the case and nothing works.
Thanks for the explanation of "interactive content". I should have known what you have explained. Yes, the DVD has got extras such as screensavers, desktop wallpaper, etc.
How do I find out if the DVD player is set to region 2? Presumably it is otherwise it would not play my other DVD movies.
I think your hunch that the DVD is asking for a code because it has been inserted in a DVD/R/RW drive is more than likely correct but I have not come across this before. I suppose it is a new feature introduced to stop pirating.

  ACOLYTE 18:31 22 Mar 06

To check the region, right click My computer select properties/hardware/device manager highlight you DVD drive and right click select properties then select the DVD Region tab.

  douglas1973 19:37 22 Mar 06

Thanks Acolyte,

The DVD drive is set to Regions 2.

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