DVD + CD R/W 's

  deneka 17:54 19 Jan 04

Does anyone know of the best & most importantly the cheapest place to buy these?

  Chegs ® 17:58 19 Jan 04

I was advised against buying a DVD-CD/RW as they apparently are prone to failing sooner than separate DVD-ROM,CD-RW's.If your still sure you want one,then click here will produce loads to checkout.

  bvw in bristol 18:02 19 Jan 04
  Dazwm 18:23 19 Jan 04
  deneka 17:29 22 Jan 04

I basically want something, where i can copy dvds from the internet (in a legal way obviously) :) and also copy cd's.. don't mind if they are seperate or together, but really looking for the best price

  Mike ® 19:00 22 Jan 04

Liteon 811S all formats (not ram) about £90.00.

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