DVD Capture

  Design Print Studio 21:44 29 Apr 07

I am looking for a dvd video capture programme where you can capture video scences from dvds. Prefferbly a freebie, ta if anyone can help

  eedcam 10:08 30 Apr 07

Hi not certain what you require but if you mean a programme which will enable you to capture still shots from a dvd then VLC will do it its a freebie check it on google its creators are video Lan in alot of ways it is better thanwindows media player and will play just about everything.Just realised you said capture VIDEO scenes methinks you would have to edit from the whole clip to do that Try Virtual-Dub mpeg also free if that is what you meant

  Design Print Studio 17:29 01 May 07

I am trying to capture the Blues Brothers and convert chapters into wmv/mpg/avi and put on a cd. I would like info on the security there is on it and what SOFTWARE to use not codecs!

  pj123 17:41 01 May 07

I think what you have just said you are trying to do is illegal.

You may not get any help on this Forum.

  eedcam 18:15 01 May 07

As pj said but click here

  FungusBoggieman 18:22 01 May 07

oooohh dvd piracy tut tut

  eedcam 23:05 01 May 07

Like nobody does it! the fact it is not openly discussed on this forum is commendable.Not pointing someone to more open forums is censorship. Dont forget there is a legal battle going on to defeat the copywrite laws at present

  Stuartli 23:10 01 May 07

>>Dont forget there is a legal battle going on to defeat the copywrite laws at present>>

Copyright is intended to protect the rights of originators of various forms of material.

  eedcam 18:44 03 May 07

What about the rights of the user . I'm all against piracy but personal use is something else. Sony already tried it with cd's where they' crash you pc and now dvd's that wont play on a pc are about to hit the fan.Doubt if there are many on this forum who have never copied a cd/ dvd/ school photo of the kids / pfotcopied articles from mags etc.,.I'm all in favour of this forum not discussing How to beat copyright but not on where to find out about it.At least this guy gave his intentions openly and not shrouded behind I have a video etc',smoke screen

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