Dvd burning error

  Rosalie86 23:06 06 Aug 07

Using 'Nero vision' I'm making a dvd up with two 'V.O.B Files' No problem getting them together on the 'Nero Vision' software, But the second piece of Film/data is out of sink!!!!!!

Any ideas??

  skidzy 23:21 06 Aug 07

Reduce burning speed maybe.

  Rosalie86 00:05 07 Aug 07

Slowing it down didn't work! Thanks for your input skidzy! Any more ideas?

  ArrGee 01:23 07 Aug 07

What are you playing-back on? I have done the same and on Windows Media Player, the sound is out of synch, but using the same PC with Media Centre, it works fine (odd). Try using VLC.

  agent 47 08:16 07 Aug 07

what version of nero are you using?

  Rosalie86 11:35 07 Aug 07

I'm playing back on my pc with 'Power dvd' and I've tried on other dvd players. The version of Nero is 6

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