DVD burning???

  raggy 2 10:17 14 Nov 05

Hi can anyone help, I have transfered my camcorder tape to my PC and then using pinnacle studio 8 have made them into a movie but when I tried to transfer them to a DVD disc it states I have the wrong type of disc?? I dont understand the discs are DVD+RW and I have a DVD rewriter on my PC, has anyone else had this problem or knows why I am having issues.
Much appreciated Raggy

  Skills 10:54 14 Nov 05

Does your dvd writer support the +RW format?

Nero Infotool program from click here should tell you what formats your dvd writer supports

  ACOLYTE 11:00 14 Nov 05

Maybe you need a SVCD making not a dvd.

  raggy 2 11:07 14 Nov 05

Skills thanks for that, I did that and it states my DVD rw only supports DVD+RW read only not Write on anything, how can this be as it says on the front Toshiba DVD R/RW DVD+ Rewritable, I dont understand cause if I couldnt write anything how have I been able to burn CD's?? now Im lost

  Strawballs 11:37 14 Nov 05

Is this the first time that you have tried to burn DVD's instead of just CD's if so if your rewriter is under a year old I would take it back

  raggy 2 12:11 14 Nov 05

yes this is the first time but believe it or not only just got round to doing this so its more than a year old, wot about downloading update off the toshiba website?? would that help??

  scotty 12:33 14 Nov 05

Although Pinnacle Studio Version 8 supports creating DVDs, I have found it more reliable to capture and edit using Studio then to do the final burn using Nero. Do you have Nero or an equivalent program which you could try?

  stylehurst 14:18 14 Nov 05

I would agree with scotty; whilst pinnacle is very good for capturing etc; it is much better to do the final burn with Nero

  raggy 2 15:44 14 Nov 05

I have nero but it still wont burn if my rewriter says it dont support re-writing though so im stuck unless i buy a new one

  Pamy 15:57 14 Nov 05


Just to get this clear.Do you have a DVD writer, ie will it burn a DVD disk of any type + or - ?

Or is it just a CD burner and a DVD reader?


  woodchip 16:13 14 Nov 05

If you DVD says + then it's no good trying to use DVD - discs. You also need to get the correct brand that works with your burner as not all will work although they may be DVD + discs. If it;s a DVDRW + drive then it will also burn DVDR + discs

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