ray27 15:39 25 Jul 08

Myself and a friend have an old computer which is running on the old Windows 98 OS.
Originally it was running on Windows 95 b (the one that has USB I with it) but we upgraded it to Windows 98 via an upgrade disk.

We want to put a DVD burner on it but are not sure whether it is best to put an internal one in or go for an external one.

Some time ago we put an external CD burner on it using the USB connection and it has been working fine.
Can we assume that if we put an internal DVD burner in it would work the same?
If we were to put an external DVD burner on it would it work using the USB 1 port on the computer as most of the ones we have seen say they will work USB 2

The other question is if the OS we are using is just Windows 98 and not Windows 98 SE could we upgrade it using the Windows 98 SE disk that we have(we do have the product code for this ) without loosing all our installed software as we have managed to lose all the disk's associated with the computer.
Please take into account we are a couple of old Fossils still managing to cling on to the modern world
Cheers any advice would be greatly appreciated as usual

  Belatucadrus 16:05 25 Jul 08

Internal one should be fine as long as you've got suitable burning software, probably also faster than an external that'll only be working at USB1 speeds.
Can't really see the point of upgrading W98 to W98SE, but it shouldn't do any harm either.

  ray27 16:15 25 Jul 08

We have Nero 6 software if we got an internal dvd burner would we have to get one that states it is specific to Windows 98? or would anyone do?
I have seen them advertised as working on Windows 98SE so can we assume that it would work on Widows 98?

  Strawballs 17:58 25 Jul 08

98SE is a much better O/S and an internal one will still work on the same software that your external did.

If possible a clean install of 98SE would be better than an upgrade (as long as you can backup everything that you want to keep)

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