DVD Burner

  ediface 21:17 28 Feb 04

I have a CDRW burner and a seperate DVD player which came bundled with the PC (weird I know!).
The DVD player has developed a fault and I want to repalce it with a DVD burner. Am I likely to get any conflicts by having a CDRW burner and a DVD burner (e.g the software not knowing which burner to use)?


  Eric10 21:35 28 Feb 04

Your burning software should allow you to choose which burner to use. However, since your new DVD burner will also burn CDs you could replace both your present drives with the DVD burner.

I just have the one drive and Nero lists it as two, one CD burner and one DVD burner.

  ediface 21:50 28 Feb 04

Thanks Eric10. The only reason why I did not want to use just the DVD burner is the hole it will leave if I remove the CD burner. I suppose I could try and get a blanking plate.......

  norman47 22:28 28 Feb 04

I have a dvd writer, a cdrw and a dvd rom installed on the same machine. All work seemlessly together. I only use the dvd burner for burning dvd's and of course the cdrw for cdr's. Installing software is always done through the dvdrom.

Just make sure you have the most upto date patch for the burning software. I use Nero ( 5.582) for both burners.

  ediface 22:42 28 Feb 04

Thanks norman47. My drives are configured thus: D (CDR burner) and F (DVD Player) which I use to install software. It is the F Drive thast will be replaced with the DVD burner so I shouldn't have a problem using this for software installations?

  norman47 22:59 28 Feb 04

Yes the dvd burner should take the same drive letter as the dvdrom, well 99% of the time and then of course you get sodd's law.

Just make sure that the dvd burner is jumpered the same as the dvd rom before you install.

One slight word of warning. Some dvd burners only like to be master and a rare few do not like a cdrw on the same IDE channel. Because of this I have

primary slave CDRW

secondary master DVD RW

secondary slave DVD rom

not to every ones tastes but works fine for me.

  ediface 12:21 29 Feb 04

Thanks once again norman47!

  ediface 11:22 05 Mar 04

I have now installed the DVD burner. However, trying to set the jumper proved problematical and I ended up not setting the jumper at at all, (i.e. I removed the plastic jumper altogether). This worked and I am now happily burning DVD's. Thanks to everyone for their help.

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