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dvd burn movie judder(freeze)

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 14:44 17 Oct 05

there must be some great dvd editor out there my problem is that I am getting the only way I can discibe it is after burning a dvd the pictures ok but there is like a slight freeze go freeze go and so on, the dvd can get half way through the suddenly freeze amd go no further win xp 512mb mem, x8 dvdrw , nero startsmart neor version haven`t had this problem before.some one must have had this problem and cured it how please

  Monoux 15:04 17 Oct 05

I too have suffered from this it is very annoying. I have found the only way to stop it is to use branded discs. e.g Maxall , Sony etc. I have tried the cheaper ones from the likes of Tesco and from some sellers on the web but always had trouble as you describe. I now stick to the branded ones. I had wondered if it was my DVD writer ( Ricoh MP5125A) which is getting on a bit now but yoyur opost has made me even more sure its the discs themselves

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 15:32 17 Oct 05

the discs I am useing are verbatim advanced azo data life plus DVD-R x8 but I only burn at x4 to get less errors.

Monoux do you still get any error on branded one that you use if so what

  Monoux 21:11 26 Oct 05

Sorry for delay in responding, have only just returned to this thread to see how it panned out and seen your note.
I do still occasionally get the slight freeze for a fraction of a second even using branded disc as mentioned. But if I use the so called unbranded ones the freezes are more frequent and seem to last longer too. It sometimes gets to the point where it becomes so annoying I switch off in disgust :0(

  kjrider 00:19 27 Oct 05

I have used branded and unbranded and have not really found any difference.

Have had branded and unbranded ones fail. I would not bother paying the extra, but I don't know how long the DVD last.

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 15:30 27 Oct 05

well thanks for the input chap Ithink I might upgrade my dvd rw to a daul layer and give that a go as they are so cheap at the moment shame the disc arn`t chears

  Jdoki 15:42 27 Oct 05

From experience this can be a couple of things...

The DVD player/drive - some just don't like playing back movies burnt to DVD's, which links to my next point...

Type of media - Some discs work better in some players/burners. There's loads of types of media, and it's not necessarily that the more expensive stuff is better. It can come down to things like the type of dye used in production.

If you are backing up a dual layer to single layer, then quite often you'll get a problem at the point where the layer transition normally occurs.

Finally... if you are backing up your collection... some discs have intientional errors added as a method of piracy prevention. Something like DVD Decrypter will give you a run down of those sectors with errors, and in the ripping process will insert dummy sectors. Normally these are a fraction of a second blanks which at 25fps are not easily detected, but sometimes they cause the errors you are describing.

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