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  dms_05 19 Dec 12

I have a Samsung Galaxy S Media Player (32 GB) and would like to be able to transfer one or two DVD's I own to the player so I can view then when out and about. The problem is I can't find a free program to do this, all the DVD Rippers I've found seem to need the $50 version to even rip older DVD's. Can anyone suggest a free ripper that I can use for a couple of DVD's? My Samsung can play most formats.

  dms_05 19 Dec 12

By the way I've tried Handbrake and that doesn't seem to work with a standard protected commercial DVD.

  muddypaws 19 Dec 12

Have you tried here:

Android Forums.

The link is to Nexus forum, but try the others.

  lotvic 19 Dec 12

FormatFactory is good for converting and it's Free, I've used it on several occasions.

  dms_05 19 Dec 12

Thanks for that lotvic. I also found a similar free offering from freemake.com which worked well.

"By the way I've tried Handbrake and that doesn't seem to work with a standard protected commercial DVD."

Strangely, I'm just embarking on a project to rip my DVD collection to MP4 so I can connect a USB drive to the TV and watch them. I'm just in the middle of encoding my first movie. But: if you look around, you'll see that there's supposed to be a 'hack' for Handbrake (I'm waiting to see if it works...) which simply requires you to copy a .dll file into the Handbrake directory. Here is a good explanation. If you look far enough, you can get the file on its own without having to download a player that uses it.

Btw: as the guy in the piece I linked to says, I believe it's legal to circumvent CSS in this fashion if you a) already own the DVD, and b) will be using the ripped version only for your own pleasure. And even if it's not legal, to me, it seems ethically/morally justifiable...

If there are any Handbrake users out there, I'd be interested in any hints/tips.

  Jackerry 20 Dec 12

Handbrake, but just for unprotected DVDs. This one can rip protected DVDs but not free, maybe you can google for its series number.


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