harry_kel 22:26 09 Feb 04

Again,all my drives do not recognize a new DVD of software!! Is there any free and/or shareware that I can download to run this DVD?

  Diodorus Siculus 22:37 09 Feb 04

What OS? What is the DVD? Are you sure it is not damaged?

  IMAGEDKTR1 22:59 09 Feb 04

yesterday you posted the same q and you will get the same reply do you have a dvd drive if you do you will have to use dvd software i.e powerdvd or win dvd to read the discs. one of these will have been bundled with the drive when you brought it. if it was in the pc when you brought it the software will of been preloaded if not on discs that came with pc.
the q is still are you sure you have a dvd drive? just look at front of it and see if it says dvd on it.if not then no you need to buy one

  DieSse 23:04 09 Feb 04

If it's a DVD-ROM or software, you don't need ANY special software to read it. As long as you've actually got a DVD drive, Windows should read it quite happily. If it doesn't there is a fault somewhere.

Does it read other software DVD-ROMs?

  DieSse 23:06 09 Feb 04

Power DVD, WinDVD, and the like are for playing films - not for regular DVD-ROMS.

  IMAGEDKTR1 23:26 09 Feb 04

ok i accept what you say and apart from watching films the software i talk about isnt good for a lot more but if hes got one of these loaded he must have dvd player as these progs come bundled with the drive. and as he couldnt decide last night if he had a dvd drive it seemed like a good way of finding out

  DieSse 00:42 10 Feb 04

"as these progs come bundled with the drive"

Not always - it's not obligatory.

  DieSse 00:44 10 Feb 04

I've never seen a DVD drive without DVD on the front drawer. If it only says CD, then it isn't a DVD.

I didn't see the earlier thread - sorry.

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