DV to USB wires

  novicefilmmaker 15:12 18 Nov 09

Hi there,

I am thinking of buying an Acer Aspire 5738g laptop, as I was advised that it has brilliant memory capacity and I want to use it to edit video footage. The only problem is that the camcorder I planned to use to film is quite old and only has a DV outlet, whereas the Acer laptop hasn't got a firewire outlet or a slot for a converter card. Can I use the USB outlet and buy a DV to USB wire, or is the USB connection too slow for video transfer? Are these very expensive?


  peter99co 15:24 18 Nov 09

click here

Or something similar

  hastelloy 15:37 18 Nov 09

I use a DVD recorder to transfer video from camcorder to DVD then copy it to my PC for editing.

  novicefilmmaker 16:58 18 Nov 09

Thanks very much for your replies! Peter99co - do normal USB to DV wires not work with video transfer then? Is it better to go with a kit like the ones you suggest? They seem to be a bit more pricey than normal USB to DV cables I've seen.

I will look into DVD recorders too, but they might be a bit out of my price range.

Alternatively, can anyone suggest a laptop which does have a firewire connection, but also has a large enough memory for video editing and is under £500? Thanks

  peter99co 23:10 18 Nov 09

Which software do you use to take it from DVD to PC?

  peter99co 23:12 18 Nov 09

It is not just a cable you are seeing in the kit.

  peter99co 23:14 18 Nov 09
  hastelloy 01:20 19 Nov 09

"Which software do you use to take it from DVD to PC?"
Drag & drop or copy and paste.

  novicefilmmaker 10:27 19 Nov 09

Thank you very much. I will check this kit out and also have a look around for other laptops with firewire built in.

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