Dv mini camcorder to DVD

  MagsD 23:00 10 Dec 05

I have just bought a dv mini camcorder and am having trouble transferring the tape to my computer. Panasonic camcorder, windows XP. I am able to transfer using windows movie maker, but I want to be able to put films on to DVD and this programme will only allow CDs.I have tried downloading tape to hard drive and then to DVD but can't get them to play on DVD recorder (says "unknown data")I have also tried Intervideo programme which was installed on computer but this will only record sound - no video.Can anyone advise, I am getting very frustrated with this problem.

  SG Atlantis® 23:04 10 Dec 05

nero, convert it with nero if you have it installed. which format does WMM save in?

  MagsD 23:18 10 Dec 05

Now you're asking!!! I think it might be .wmv (Windows Media Format) You can let me know if this is complete rubbish. I do not have Nero installed - have to admit, not sure what that programme does.

  john-232317 23:21 10 Dec 05

DVD needs to be mpeg2 format and Win mm does not support it. You need a program that will convert the files to mpeg2. This may help click here;10

  SG Atlantis® 00:38 11 Dec 05

buy this months magazine, the dvd edition there's software on that! £4.99, the february issue. The proggie is called mediastudio pro.

  MagsD 12:01 11 Dec 05

I was going to try what dadyassa and SG Atlantis® had suggested. When I got up this morning I thought "what about the DVD Recorder" and yes I was able to record straight from the camera onto the disc in this. Probably obvious to others,just took me a while to work it out. Thanks to the people who answered.I will now tick this.

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